TIP #25 Version 1.3: Native tk_messageBox on Macintosh

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Title:Native tk_messageBox on Macintosh
Version:$Revision: 1.3 $
Author:Mats Bengtsson <matben at privat dot utfors dot se>
Created:Wednesday, 07 February 2001
Obsoleted-By:TIP #152


This is a replacement for the tk_messageBox on the Macintosh with a native implementation which is compliant with the Appearance Manager in Mac OS 8 and later.


The present (in 8.3.2p1 and earlier) tk_messageBox on the Macintosh is non-movable, and lacks many features that are required to be compliant with Mac OS 8 and later. Non-movable dialogs should be abandoned in a multitasking environment. This TIP presents a step to extend the native appearance on the Macintosh.

This is the present tk_messageBox.

This is the native tk_messageBox.

Reference Implementation

The proposed change is now implemented as a loadable extension (in C) on Macintosh, and can be downloaded at http://hem.fyristorg.com/matben/download/MovableAlerts.sit . This extension requires Tk 8.3.2p1 or later due to the changed stub loading mechanism. The core of the code should go in the tkMacDialog.c file. Some additional changes are necessary in order to load the new tk_messageBox and not the old, script based tk_messageBox. Also, need to check for the presence of the Appearance manager:

if (Appearance Manager)
    use native (new) messageBox
    use present script based messageBox

All functionality from the documentation that are applicable are implemented, with some exceptions:

All these deviations are consistent with the look-and-feel of Mac OS 8.0