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The new home for tktable and vu is at SourceForge.
Tk8.0+ table/matrix widget (doc from v2.5)
This is a 2D editable table widget. Think of it as a complex blend of the Tk entry, listbox and text widgets. Loads of features. Works everywhere Tk does (including Windows and Mac).

While tkTable is not a spreadsheet itself, it does have the basics for creating extensive spreadsheet applications. For example, see the Modular OO Spreadsheet by Jean-Luc Fontaine.

vu 2.0: Tk8.0 rewrite of the VU widget set
This widget set includes dial (a mix of interactive knob and meter) and a pie graph widget. These are based on the VU v1.0 widgets, but have sustained significant overhaul. They are guaranteed not to be option/method compatible with v1.0 widgets. They may likely change as well from alpha to stable.

vu 1.0: Tk8.0 upgrade of the VU widget set
This widget set includes turndial (interactive knob), dial (meter like gauge), bargraph (sort of a progressbar), pie(chart), and stripchart widgets. These are not fully 8.0 clean, but rather just an upgrade of the widgets to be 8.0-compile happy, as well as Windows compilable. I do not support this widget set, I just did the one-off for 8.0. Requires 8.0.3 for the tcl_findLibrary call.

Major Extensions (off-site)

mega-widgets extension full of good stuff
some mega-widgets, plus other goodies. Includes 2D graph widget, vector primitives and more.
[incr Tcl]
Ultimate OO-Tcl/Tk package.
Interactive tool automation package.
Distributed processing / RPC extension